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Detailed Foreground Texture While Sun Setting Over Big Bear Lake

3 Sunset Spots to Snuggle up at near Big Bear Lake

California has some of the most beautiful sunsets in America, and Big Bear Lake is no exception. With the sun naturally falling over the west coast, stumbling upon a good sunset spot isn’t difficult. The only way to enhance the view is by bringing along someone that means a lot to you.


Sweep your significant other off their feet by taking them to one (or all) of these spots. You’ll be sure to get some smooches or snuggles out of it.


On the water

With Big Bear Lake being on, well, a lake, you have to expect to be dazzled by dusk. Arrive a little before the sun begins to fall to find the ideal spot. Bring some picnic supplies, a glass or wine, or just each other.


From the ski slope

No matter the season, getting a new perspective can bring new beauty to an everyday occurrence. Cozy up on the gondola, bask in the beauty, and then ski down hand-in-hand. You don’t get to experience the west coast sunset on the slopes often, take advantage!


From a hiking trail

A romantic walk through one of the many trails will bring you upon a variety of views. Whether it’s the sun descending into the mountains, disappearing between the trees, or trailing behind your partner, a good trail will not disappoint.

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