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Employee Profile – Agustin Florido

Me and my happy family!

Hello! My name is Agustin Florido and I am the Area Manager for WowRentals in Big Bear Lake, CA.  It has been almost 3 years since I moved to US with my wife and daughter from Argentina.  Since then I achieved a lot, I learned English (which I’m still learning every day), I got my first Job at Wyndham Resorts in Big Bear and moved up quickly from there until I landed here as Area Manager at WowRentals.  Next week will be my one year anniversary and I am very excited about what the future holds.  I have really learned a lot at WowRentals and I really enjoy taking care of our owners’ amazing homes and helping make guests vacations in a Big Bear Cabin a wonderful experience.  With significant determination and honesty I know I will hit my own goals and continue to help make WowRentals a great company.

Running in the scenic mountain trails of Big Bear!

In my spare time, I am an avid ultra runner.  Ultra marathons are my get away, the mountain is my home.  Last year I was able to run my first 100K under 16hours and I managed to finish in 3rd place general and 1st in my age group.  This year I have 2 goals,  finish Holcomb valley race under 5.30 hours (50k) and finishing 100 miles under 24 hours.

I am also a volunteer search and rescue member for San Bernardino Sheriff Departament.  I dedicate over 200 hours a year doing this.  We are not simply hikers, we train a lot, we learn navigation, and do tracking, ropes rescues, hoist, alpine searches in heavy weather conditions, from ice and snow at over 6000ft in mount baldy to Joshua tree in summer under 120 degrees with the mandatory uniform, most of the time off road and off trails.  Two weeks ago we had 2 searches the same week. First one a missing hiker in Mount Baldy, my team was assigned to one of thecanyons under BackBone trail (extremely dangerous trail in winter under ice conditions, 15 inches wide, most of the time the subject won’t survive a fall there).  After hiking for 2 miles in this canyon, we hit a small waterfall, as a team leader I checked the waterfall, was no way for us to go further without a ropes team to climb the waterfall, was too risky, I climb to an edge where I thought was possible to go to the other side, it wasn’t, again, dangerous for the team with the backpacks, 1 mistake and we will be needing the rescue. I saw and I heard on the other side of the waterfall a big boulder coming down (was during 2 days rain and foggy days) there I decided wasn’t safe for us to keep going, we called our command post and we turned back, calling the name of the subject at all times and trying to see or hear something under the fog. Long story short, the subject was located next day, less then 500 feet from the waterfall we couldn’t cross, unfortunately deceased for Hypothermia, we do our best but this time we couldn’t get to him in time.

Search and Rescue in a Chopper!

Two days later in Joshua Tree, a subject had been missing for 4 days.  This time we located the subject, alive, skull fracture with multiple other fractures of limbs as he had fallen 20 feet in the rocks and survived there for 4 days.  Amazing, pay off!

Last night I got call here in Big Bear, the worse for parents, 3 missing girls, 12 years old each, they were playing outside and later reported missing as night set in.   Three hours searching buildings and off road forest at night but lucky for everybody they were found, scared but alive and now safe back with the parents.

Being a part of SAR and volunteering is just my way of making a difference.
I love every time my daughter says to me, “somebody is lost, go find them, her mommy is worried!   Get the back home”.