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Hiking Tips To Follow On Your Next Adventure

Hiking Tips To Follow On Your Next Adventure

Are you a beginner at hiking?

Hiking not only gives you the chance to see new terrain, but it is also great exercise.

But before you take to the trail to explore, there are several tips to follow in order to make your hiking experience the best it can be.

Choose the right trail for your level of fitness

Make sure that the trail you choose matches your current fitness level. It is wise to opt for a trail that is shorter than the distance you would normally walk on flat outdoor ground, because a hiking trail is often uneven with steep climbs that can really challenge you.

Research the trail before hiking it

Be familiar with the trail before you go out and hike it for the first time.

You can look online for a map of the area, and usually also find reviews from other hikers who have already completed the trail and offered up suggestions on how to conquer it successfully.

Using a GPS device will help you to know where you are on the trail at all times, and will also show you where the next landmark is so you can be assured that you are going in the right direction.

Alert a family member or friend to your whereabouts

Always let someone close to you know where you will be! This way they can call emergency services if you don’t come back by a pre-designated time.

Set the “worry time” to several hours after you think you will be done with your hike so that if you spend a longer time on the trail, there won’t be cause for concern. But just remember to tell the person you are back once you have finished on the trail!

Dress the right way

It is important to dress in synthetic materials when going on a hike.

Try to avoid cotton because it doesn’t absorb moisture as well as synthetic materials do. Thus if it gets damp or you sweat, it will make you feel clammy and cold.

Wear workout pants so your legs don’t get scraped up, and a long sleeve shirt to protect your arms from bugs and the sun. You can always roll up the sleeves if it gets hot outside!

And when it comes to socks, be sure to wear wool with your hiking boots! But if you haven’t worn your hiking boots in a long time, they may cause blisters if you put them on. Instead, opt for a pair of workout shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in.

Pace yourself as you hike

Try not to overexert yourself on the trail when you first start your hike.

While It can be tempting to power walk or even run, you will probably get tired more easily and much more quickly – especially if the trail is elevated or has sharp twists and turns. Plus, you may have to save your energy in case you take a wrong turn and get lost on the trail.

Stay with a pace that you can comfortably maintain all day, and you will be strong for the duration of your hike.

Watch where you are walking

Always be conscious of where you are walking.

It is easy to miss a tree root that is sticking out, a rock that you can trip on, or even poisonous creatures such as snakes that may be sunning themselves on the trail.

It can be especially easy to miss out on these dangers if you are wearing headphones, because you are not as aware of what is going on around you.

As long as you are watching where you are going, you should be able to stay safe and enjoy the scenery around you.

Remember hiking etiquette

Make sure to keep hiking etiquette in mind!

For example, hikers traveling uphill have the right of way.

If you are listening to music, be sure it is coming from your headphones and not from your phone’s speaker so it doesn’t disturb any hikers around you.

If you are hiking with your dog, keep him on a leash and close by your side.

And always remember to take your trash with you!


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